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Great Granny Revolution Condoms, Fish & Circus Tricks Precautionary Principle

Canadian University and Library Promotion


(2007) In General distribution

Available in DVD format

The Great Granny Revolution follows a group of Canadian women as they respond to the AIDS pandemic in Southern Africa in a personal and inspiring way. Partnering with South African Grandmothers who are raising AIDS orphans, the Canadian women form a group to provide emotional and financial support, demonstrating just how powerful reaching out can be.

Suitable for Women's Studies, African Studies, International Development and Social Justice.

Meet The Filmakers

An opportunity to ask questions of the filmmakers adds value to the experience of seeing a film and makes a big difference to the number of people who come out for a screening.

We are offering a Video Conference or Webcast Q& A for your Worlds AIDS day and International Women’s Day programing.

Brenda and Robert have participated in over 50 question and answer sessions on The Great Granny Revolution and they believe it is the best way to engage your students or community. Book now.

CONTACT Brenda or phone: 819 456 4020 for more information.

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