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Precautionary Principle: The Nicole Bruinsma Story

Precautionary Principle DVD cover

Diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 37, mother, wife and small-town family doctor Nicole Bruinsma knows she has none of the recognized hereditary or lifestyle risk factors. As a medical professional, she becomes increasingly convinced that certain chemical environmental hazards – in particular, pesticides – must play a role. Invoking the precautionary principle, Dr. Bruinsma galvanizes her community of Chelsea, Quebec to ban the cosmetic use of pesticides. The film follows Nicole as she battles on two fronts: pushing to enact protective environmental legislation, while fighting her own devastating illness. Sadly, she only wins the first of these battles, but leaves behind the legacy that, with tenacity, anyone of us can inspire change, no matter what the obstacles.

This feature documentary about her life and work will assert two truths:
1. Individuals can make a difference, and
2. We must take action to protect our environment and ourselves.

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