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Great Granny Revolution
Great Granny Revolution Condoms, Fish & Circus Tricks Precautionary Principle


We make documentaries and educational videos, produce and curate the Wakefield International Film Festival now in its fifth season and teach Wakefield Summer Film Camp every summer. We have also had a long history of staging special events and concerts, crafting communications strategies and sometimes we even return to the theatre for Robert to direct for the stage.

Rooney Productions has developed a technique for capturing animated and insightful footage during live events.

For the City of Ottawa we recorded the 4 year history of the Choosing our Future sustainability project producing films out of everything from focus group meetings to the Sustainable Cities Biennial Conference.

Last summer we created the Wetland Assessment training video for the University of Alberta OSRIN Centre, shooting wetland testing in the field and then delivering the project as a DVD but also on Youtube where field scientists in the Tar Sands can watch segments on their mobile devices to ensure that collection techniques are consistent and the data collected is accurate

PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE: The Nicole Bruinsma Story is presently in distribution and we are setting up screenings across the country. For more news visit the film website. If you befriend us on Facebook you will get regular updates on our projects.

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