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Great Granny Revolution Condoms Fish & Circus Tricks
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Great Granny Revolution Condoms Fish & Circus Tricks
Great Granny Revolution Condoms, Fish & Circus Tricks Precautionary Principle

Rooney Productions

Rooney Productions captures the stories that need to be told through film and video, synthesizing factual and emotional content to create award-winning results. We have extensive experience producing documentaries for public awareness and education, distilling candid footage of live events, interviews, conferences, and forums into compelling narratives for widespread distribution. We also have expertise in filming in remote locations, such as Southern Africa, Nunavut, and the northern Alberta wetlands.

PRECAUTIONARY PRINCIPLE: The Nicole Bruinsma Story is presently in distribution and we are setting up screenings across the country. For more news visit the film website. If you befriend us on Facebook you will get regular updates on our progress.

Committed to our craft and to our community, we produce WIFF (Wakefield International Film Festival) annually as a way to introduce exciting, contemporary documentaries to our audience. And every summer we teach young people to articulate and film their own stories in a Youth Film Camp.

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